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Seller commission


The seller pays a 0% commission to sell a watch on the Relleb marketplace. We also do not charge any hidden costs through a payment fee per listing or subscription model. Listing a watch is completely free of charge.

Checkout fees


Checkout is free of any charges. Our Escrow service is standard for each transaction on Relleb and is available in more than 12 different currencies.

Authenticity and Condition assessment

€250 + 1%

The Relleb Authenticity and Condition assessment provides peace of mind to buyers and sellers. Each watch sold on the marketplace will be inspected by hand by an experienced watchmaker to make sure the watch is authentic and condition is in accordance with the listing. This is documented in a detailed report including photos of our testing done. If the watch passes our strict testing, the watch will "check out". Which triggers the pay-out to the seller from our escrow and shipment of the watch to the buyer. Ensuring a safe transaction for both buyer and seller. The authenticity and condition assessment is based on a standard fee of €250 + 1%

Buyer commission


The buyer is not charged with any additional commissions when buying on Relleb. The buyer is only charged with the buying protection fee and shipping expenses. These prices are presented on a listing page and there are no hidden fees.

Shipping and insurance

1% + €49*

The shipping and insurance fees are dependent on your location and the value of the watch. The shipping and insurance fees are presented on each listing and are based on your location and a premium of 1% for insurance. Currently shipping costs amount to $55 in Europe and $83 to areas outside of Europe.

Import duties

We facilitate in preparing the customs invoices and declaration forms for each transaction. Free of charge. The import duties will ultimately be charged on the customer and are specific for each jurisdiction. We advise you to read or FAQ on import duties and also research local authorities to ensure you are not surprised by additional costs for importing a watch.