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Pre-owned watches for sale.

All watches offered on the Relleb marketplace are pre-owned. Private and commercial sellers can offer watches with the best price as a result of:

  • 0% seller commission,
  • 0% checkout fees and;
  • the best exchange rates available online

We guarantee authenticity and condition as each watch sold will be inspected by an experienced watchmaker by hand. Only when the watch is authentic and in accordance with the listing, the watch will be send to the customer. And best of all, our authentication and condition assessment will be photographed and shared through a detailed report with the buyer. Each watch is also tested on fraud, theft and loss with a database which has over 70.000 stolen watches registered. Finally a marketplace where you can buy pre-owned luxury watches with peace of mind.

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Pre-owned Rolex watches.

All Rolex watches sold on Relleb are offered for sale by private and commercial sellers. With 0% seller commission, you are guaranteed to find the best price here. Each watch sold is inspected by hand by an experienced Rolex watchmaker to ensure the watch is authentic and the condition is in accordance with the listing. Buying an authentic Rolex online with peace of mind over authenticity and condition was never this easy.

Our watchmakers have experience working for authorized Rolex dealers and with both vintage and new watches. We follow the high quality standards of Rolex and therefore do not allow customized parts or aftermarket diamond setting on watches sold on the marketplace.

We have authenticated all models in the past: Datejust, Day-Date, Yacht-Master I, Yacht-Master II, GMT-Master I, GMT-Master II, Submariner, Daytona, Oyster Perpetual, Sea-Dweller, Sky Dweller, Cellini, Explorer, Milgauss and Air-King.

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Pre-owned Breitling watches.

Timepieces of Breitling are often used in the aviation industry by pilots. It’s the ultimate tool watch for flying, with a good readability and complications that assist a pilot during the journey. One of these icons is the Breilting Navitimer, an undisputed contemporary timepiece that has withstood the test of times.

With 0% seller commission, a free Escrow checkout and the best currency exchange rates (in more than 12 currencies), the best place to buy or sell a pre-owned Breitling watch is the Relleb marketplace. Our watchmakers are experienced in working with Breitling watches and each model is eligible for our authentication service. Models of Breitling: Navitimer, Chronomat, Avenger, Colt, Superocean Heritage, Superocean, Transocean, Montbrilliant and professional.

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Pre-owned Omega watches.

Omega is an extraordinary brand with a huge heritage. We are proud to offer trading in pre-owned Omega watches to private sellers and commercial dealers on our marketplace. Vintage Omega watches are becoming increasingly popular and the Speedmaster is the icon of traditional watchmaking for space journeys.

Our Omega watchmakers are experienced with authenticating both vintage and new watches. We offer our authentication service to each Omega model issued: Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation, DeVille and all other (vintage) models. Limited editions like the Speedy Tuesday or “TinTin” are all eligible for our authentication service as well.

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Pre-owned Cartier watches.

Cartier might be considered the king of all dress watches. Where style and the craft of watchmaking are combined at the highest level. With their timeless design of the Cartier Tank they changed the watch world forever. The design is almost a century old and is still contemporary today. Cartier watches are offered on the marketplace by private sellers and commercial dealers with 0% commission. And the authenticity and condition are guaranteed with our authentication and quality assessment. When you buy a watch, the watch will first be send to Relleb to be checked on authenticity and condition by an experienced Cartier watchmaker. Providing you peace of mind when buying a Cartier Tank watch online.

The Cartier watchmakers have experience with authenticating and servicing vintage and new watches. We offer our Cartier authentication service to each model issued: Tank, Baignoire, Ballon Bleu, Calibre, Cartier Ronde, Drive, Panthére and Pasha.

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Pre-owned Tudor watches.

Some claim Tudor to be “the poor mans Rolex” or the little brother of the big Crown. But Tudor watches are unmistakably one of the best tool watches available with an incredible price quality balance. In the past even exact parts of Rolex were used to built Tudor watches. Such as the Tudor Submariner which carried the case, crown, bracelet and clasp of Rolex. Tudor watches were often used by the military due to the high quality and being better priced than Rolex.

Watch afficionados know Tudor carries has a great heritage with fantastic vintage models that can stand the test of time and can still be worn daily. Our watchmakers are experienced in working with vintage and new Tudor models and we even have true Tudor collectors within the team. Models that are eligible for our authentication service are: Submariner, Black Bay, Prince Date, Black Bay 58, Fastrider, Fastrider Black Shield, Grantour, Pelagos, Classic, Heritage Ranger, North Flag, Heritage Chrono.

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Pre-owned Patek Philippe watches.

Patek Philippe watches are considered the highest echelons of watchmaking. Early in the 19th century this company made ground breaking complications for watches and essentially were at the start of grand complication watchmaking. Even in this 21st century, Patek Philippe creates grand complication watches with the highest level of finishing. The movement is still considered at the heart of the watch. And with the craftmanship of Patek Philippe watchmakers the movements are true art pieces that amaze the most seasoned watch enthusiasts.

Buying a Patek Philippe watch is available on Relleb with the best conditions. As a buyer you will be protected over the authenticity and condition of the watch. With authentication and quality service, each watch will be first inspected by an experienced Patek Philippe watchmaker in our Relleb service centre. Only if the watch is authentic and in accordance with the listing, the watch will be send to the buyer.

We also facilitate Patek Philippe sellers with the best care. Our pickup and insurance service will ensure smooth shipping. All contact with potential buyers is done by the Relleb customer service department and will bring you peace of mind when selling your watch online. Buying and selling a Patek Philippe watch online was never this easy. And this all without any selling fees.

Our watchmakers are experienced with servicing and authenticating all models, including the Nautilus, Aquanaut, Calatrava, Grand Complications, Complications, Ellipse, Gondolo and older vintage models.

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Pre-owned Audemars Piguet watches.

Finishing cases and bracelets on Audemars Piguet watches is unique and of the highest standards. Observing the brushed finishing on a Royal Oak model will give you an indication about true craftsmanship in watchmaking. Not to mention gemstone finishing and hammered gold bracelets and cases. Complications is a trade that is well understood as well. With Tourbillions, open worked cases and the Concept models, Audemars Piguet has shown to push both designs and complications to new levels.

On the Relleb marketplace you can buy and sell pre-owned Audemars Piguet watches against 0% seller commission and free Escrow checkout. Buy a watch with peace of mind with our authentication service, whereby each watch is first sent to Relleb to be authenticated by an experienced Audemars Piguet watchmaker. Only when a watch is authentic and the condition is in line with the listing, we will send the watch to the buyer. Our watchmakers are experienced with vintage and new watches. All models are eligible, comprising the Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore, Concept, Code 59, [RE]MASTER01, Millenary and other vintage models.

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Pre-owned Hublot watches.

Hublot is well known for using the most unusual materials for watches. Testing watch designs to the highest levels and with a daring attitude Hublot has taken a prominent place in watchmaking. The level of service we have experienced is unprecedented. Once registered in the Hublotista Club, and the customer service department will take very good care of you. A Hublot on the wrist is definitely a statement and a watch that will be noted.

We facilitate in buying and selling pre-owned Hublot watches on our marketplace. Since we charge no seller commission or checkout fees, you can find the best prices for Hublot watches on our marketplace. Peace of mind is provided through our authentication and condition assessment, where each watch sold will first be send to Relleb to be inspected by an experienced Hublot watchmaker. We have experience with all models, including the Big Bang, Classic Fusion, King Power and Classic.

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Pre-owned IWC watches.

An IWC wristwatch is a high quality swiss made watch with the highest level of discretion. It even might be considered one of the most understated watches. Some models are made for readability when staying true to be a gentlemen’s tool watch, like the Big Pilot. Where other models can complement both a jeans with t-shirt or a three piece suit, like the IWC Portuguese.

On the marketplace pre-owned IWC watches are offered for sale with 0% seller commission and a free Escrow checkout service. Authenticity and condition are guaranteed as each watch is first sent to the Relleb authentication centre and inspected. If the watch is authentic and correct, the watch will be send to the buyer. Our watchmakers have experience with vintage and new IWC models, like the Pilot, Portuguese, Portofino, Ingenieur Automatic, Aquatimer, Da Vinci and Mark XVIII.

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Pre-owned watches as an investment.

We often get the question if watches are a good investment. The history has shown some brands and specific models increased in value significantly over time. Even new watches with a high demand, are more worth on the secondary market. Although some watches hold their value quite well, there will always be a risk the value of a pre-owned watch decreases over time. Some brands like Rolex, Omega and Audemars Piguet have shown to be a good investment and many watch enthusiast expect an increase in value as demand is increasing.

Investing in vintage watches is becoming very popular. It is more likely supply will dry up in the coming years, due to losses or collectors holding on to watches. And we know by fact there will not be produced any watches that are discontinued. We would always advise to do proper research into how limited certain pieces are and how steady demand has been over the past. The best combination is to buy something that appeals to you as well. It will not only bring you an potential value increase, but joy of wearing the watch as well.

An opinion on condition.

The condition mentioned on a listing is an interpretation by the seller and can range from heavily worn to new/unworn. We have drawn our guidelines for indicating the condition of a watch in our FAQ. Our watchmaker will use their professional opinion and knowledge about the guidelines to conclude if the condition of a watch is in accordance to what is mentioned on a listing. The best part is, we will share a report about our authentication and condition assessment. Including an explanation and photos. To support the opinion we have about the condition.

A statement about authenticity.

Authenticity on watches can be a delicate statement. Although more archives are opening up and additional records about the history of watches is becoming available, some areas may still be considered grey and undefined. When we authenticate a watch we validate if all parts of a watch are solely parts that are issued by the brand itself. Service parts from a specific brand, are considered authentic as well. Although we will indicate as much as possible if service parts are used. When there is a grey area, where for example a specific bezel was issued >30 years ago is never confirmed by a brand, we will inform the buyer about the “story”. In order to inform our buyers the best we can and be transparent in what they buy.

Timepieces which are Vintage.

Vintage watches are popular. They provide us a window to the good old times. But buying a vintage watch online is challenge. It is extremely important to vet the seller and the watch on current market places. Pieces that are older than 20 years have been through the hands of multiple watchmakers with the risk of unauthentic parts being used. In addition, fraudsters temper with watches as certain dials or bezels can even double the value of watches.

At Relleb, we provide the assistance for safe online buying. When you buy a watch on the Relleb marketplace, the watch will be first sent to Relleb to be checked by hand by an experienced expert with specialisation in vintage watches. We check the watch on multiple points to make sure there are no fake parts and the condition of the watch is in line with the listing. We also verify if the booklets and box is time and model correct.

Timepieces which are New.

Certain models for certain brands remain very popular today. Making it impossible to buy it at an authorized dealer as they are basically always sold out. Forcing you to go to the online watch market places like Relleb. Other more generally available watches are often sold at a discount online. While they are still new. Unfortunately, fraudsters are selling new so called superfakes online as well. These counterfeit watches are extremely convincing. Making it impossible for a watch enthusiast to check if the watch is real on photos alone. Even in real life a superfake can mislead watch enthusiasts.

Relleb makes sure to check all watches sold online on our marketplace. When you place an order through Relleb, the watch will first be send to our authentication centre in the Netherlands. An experienced watchmaker will verify if the watch is authentic and the condition is in line with the listing. Only real watches are traded on our marketplace.

Selling your watch online.

Trying to sell your watch online can be daunting. There are multiple marketplaces and large online retailers. Marketplaces can bring the discomfort of facing and dealing with rude buyers, while still paying 6.5%+ on selling your watch. And large retailers will give you 60 cents on the dollar.

The luxury watch market is full of middleman trying to grab a piece of the pie. Their preference is a fixed percentage which might feel low, but on high value items like watches are extremely costly. With the Relleb marketplace there is an opportunity to sell you watch for the best price possible without the hassle of shipment and dealing with potential buyers. All taken care of, without seller commissions or transaction costs. Listing is free for everyone. Only the buyer is charged for a fee when he wants to buy your watch with our authentication and condition assessment.

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